How to Restore Access to a ProConnect NVR

After completing a system restoral (like an internal system recovery or factory reimage/reset), upgrading storage, replacing, or receiving a recently repaired ProConnect NVR do the following:

  1. Complete the first-time wizard.

    Set the initial admin password and configure network settings for Internet Connection. AvertX recommends using DHCP to setup your internet connection if possible. It is also recommended to enter accurate information for location and use the NTP server to manage the time.

  2. Verify network connectivity.
  3. Re-register the NVR to your AvertX Connect cloud service account.

    Log into the AvertX Connect account to make sure the recorder name is correct and you are able to connect to it. If needed deregister the recorder and register it again with the correct name and account information.
  4. Re-import the configuration file to restore the previous account and camera information.

    Import the previous config to load camera information, names, IPs and passwords from the encrypted Config File. After your recorder is registered to AvertX Connect config files will be uploaded to the account every 7 days.

If you run into any issues connecting remotely, you may use this article for reference.