Experience the AvertX Cloud

AvertX Cloud Connect brings your security system into the 21st century. Access live and saved video, manage, or configure ProConnect recorders in the cloud with a user experience as easy as watching a movie online.

  • Use the same email address and password to log in to the AvertX cloud, mobile apps, Apple TV viewer, and even the local NVR
  • Save and share video clips securely to the cloud (only available on ProConnect NVRs)
  • Easily connect to NVR’s at multiple locations with the same account
  • Online user management allows you to instantly share access to live and recorded video with family, employees, or law enforcement
 *Port forwarding may be necessary for some network configurations. 

AvertX Connect Instructions

  1. Create an account at connect.avertx.com
  2. Verify the account's creation by acknowledging the confirmation email.
  3. Enter the account info in the NVR's AvertX Connect setup menu.
  4. Log in to your Connect account in a web browser or AvertX apps on a smartphone, tablet or Apple TV.


AvertX Connect Login

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