Troubleshooting a ProConnect NVR and Mobile App connectivity

If the AvertX Connect mobile app won't remotely connect to your ProConnect network video recorder (NVR), complete the steps below and check in-between each step to see if connectivity is re-established:

1.  Verify that the NVR is powered On. 

2.  Physically confirm that network cables are snuggly connected between the recorder's Internet or Client port and the local network device(s), like a router or switch.

3.  Power cycle (turn Off and back On) or power drain the NVR.

4. Diagnose the ProConnect recorder's network connectivity.

5. Re-confirm the the AvertX Connect account and NVR are registered to the AvertX Connect service.

6.  Check the AvertX Known Issues webpage for any system-level changes or notices.

7.  Verify the correct mobile app is installed and is using the most up-to-date version.

8.  Uninstall the AvertX Connect mobile app. Power cycle the mobile device. Re-install and re-configure/re-register the app on the mobile device with the AvertX Connect account credentials.

9.  Confirm the smart device's operating system/software is up-to-date.

10.  Confirm the ProConnect firmware version.  If not, use the article to ensure the NVR is up-to-date.

Local Access troubleshooting test - via local Manual profile and WiFi

For more in-depth troubleshooting after completing steps 1-10 above, setup a local Manual profile to connect to the NVR and view video streams on the app through a local WiFi network connection. 

1.  While on the same network as the NVR, verify that the NVR has a valid IP address from the local network:  Setup > System Settings > Networking > Adapters >

2.  Ensure you know the NVR's local Admin account login credentials:  Setup > Systems Settings > Settings > Local Users > admin.
3.  Open the app on the mobile device and choose to make or Add a Manual connection profile in the app.
4.  Under Name, give the profile a name distinguishing it as a local network connection.  Example: Local remote.
5.  Enter the local IP address obtained from step 1. 
6.  The port to be used is 80 (or 443, depending on the network setup).
7.  Under Name and Password, use the NVR's Local User (admin) and its password from step 2.
8.  Save.
9.  Open the newly created profile in the app.  Allow 1-3 minutes for the connection to establish and for locally streamed video to appear in the app.

If this local/Manual profile isn't working, swap the port from step 6 and double-check the local account name and password from step 7.  Save and re-check.

If after completing the above steps, video streams still aren't present on the mobile device through the AvertX Connect app, contact AvertX Tech Support for further guidance.