Cyber Security

Is your security system cyber-secure? IP-based security cameras and recorders have been in the news lately as part of several recent high-profile cyber-attacks. When buying an internet connected surveillance system, you need to know if your system is secure against hackers. AvertX developed their software, cameras, and recorders from the ground-up with cyber security in mind. 

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Is AvertX Cyber-Secure?

AvertX developed their systems from the ground-up with cyber security in mind. Here are some of the ways that AvertX keeps your system safe from cyber-threats:

Two-Factor Authentication

Multi-factor authentication helps prevent account hijacking due to stolen or misplaced credentials

HTTPS Video Transmission

Video data is encrypted between the server and your browser

Easy User Permissions

Instantly apply permission changes to users and recorders.

Password Protected Video Sharing

Video clip saved to the cloud are password protected to safeguards your sensitive video data.


ProConnect recorders don’t require port forwarding, which can compromise your network's security


All metadata transferred between the recorder, AvertX Connect, and the remote device are encoded with TLS

Automated Software

What good are updates and patches if they aren't installed? Get alerted of software updates and install them with a click

Multi-Layer Password Encryption 

AvertX Connect
protects user passwords from hackers
using multi-layer


Data and video files stored on AvertX Connect are encrypted for an additional layer of security

Logically Separated

Customer data is isolated from other customer data, so your data is safe even if another user's data is breached

Cross-Site Request Forgery Prevention

AvertX Connect uses the same techniques banks use to prevent attackers from stealing sensitive account and user data


Every ProConnect software update is scanned for cyber security vulnerabilities before release

Simple and Intuitive Software Developed in the USA

Most of today's video surveillance devices run complicated software designed and developed by overseas Original Equipment Manufacturers. The result is an overly complicated and frustrating user experience. AvertX ProConnect software is developed in the USA for hassle-free operation and the ultimate user experience. If your priorities are reliability, cyber security, and ease of use please call the AvertX Pro team for a live product demonstration.

NDAA Compliant Products

AvertX offers a range of high-quality security cameras and recorders that are NDAA compliant. The National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) restricts the use of certain products from countries that pose a national security risk to the United States. By choosing NDAA compliant products, you can feel confident that you are using equipment that meets the highest standards of security and reliability. These devices are designed to provide reliable and secure surveillance for your home or business. With features like 4K resolution, smart analytics, and easy installation, AvertX security systems are an excellent choice for anyone looking to upgrade their security. Protect your property and give yourself peace of mind with AvertX NDAA compliant cameras and recorders.

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