How to Register or Troubleshoot a ProConnect NVR on AvertX Connect

A ProConnect NVR must be registered to the AvertX Connect cloud connectivity service before user accounts can access it remotely.  AvertX Connect is the name of the service used to remotely access AvertX network video recorders (NVR), manage cloud-based user accounts, and store select video clips exported from the NVR.  It also facilitates communication between the NVR(s) and mobile apps.  

Do the following to register or troubleshoot an NVR on AvertX Connect:

1.  Create an AvertX Connect account or confirm an existing account (with administrator permissions) can log into the AvertX Connect cloud service from a computer web browser. Reset the password, if needed.
2.  Check that the ProConnect NVR is powered on and physically connected to the local network.  
3.  Log directly into the NVR console with the local admin account from the initial setup.  This is not the AvertX Connect account from step 1 of this article.  If the NVR's local admin account isn't working or the password has been forgotten, refer to this recovery article.
4.  Log into the unit and use this Network Diagnostics article to confirm network connectivity. 
5.  Go to to the Setup > Connection Settings > AvertX Connect menu.
6.  Enter the credentials of an AvertX Connect verified user account (step 1).  Click Connect
7.  When the NVR is registered to the AvertX Connect service, it'll show a unique Device ID:

8. Go to AvertX Connect (webpage may need to be refreshed) to see the NVR reflected under the Recorders section.

9. If the recorder shows OFFLINE, instead of CONNECT on AvertX Connect, repeat steps 1-5 above.  Then click on the Deactivate button below the Device ID, and repeat step 6 to re-register the NVR.