The Professional Difference

Security professionals demand performance and features that make their lives easier. They rely on the latest technology to reduce installation costs, increase reliability and capture clear video. AvertX systems use professional grade hardware that is designed for any location where video surveillance would provide peace of mind, including your home, business, school, or church. AvertX products are supported by our US-based PRO Team and backed by a standard two-year warranty.

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AvertX Smart Analytics

Increase detection accuracy and the effectiveness of your video security system with AvertX Person and Vehicle Detection. Using the latest machine learning analytic tools, AvertX video analytics accurately identifies persons and vehicles to reduce false alerts. Smart Analytics can be set to send push alerts to your mobile device when a person or vehicle is detected, or you can save time by searching recorded video for only analytic detection events.

Apple TV Support for Home Viewing

Apple TV

The AvertX ProConnect Apple TV app allows you to display live video from your ProConnect recorder from the comfort of your living room or anywhere you have an Apple TV. Securely install your recorder anywhere in your home or business and easily view live video on any TV without the hassle or complexity of running an HDMI cable from your recorder.

*Requires 4th Generation Apple TV

Remote Controlled Autofocus Zoom Lenses


AvertX cameras equipped with zoom lenses allow you to adjust the view and focus of your camera remotely without ever needing to climb a ladder. A fixed lens camera’s view is limited by how close or far it is from the targeted area. The HD838 Dome Camera with its 4x optical zoom gives you more choices for camera placement and to zoom in on what’s important to you. Once you have the view you want, autofocus gives you the sharpest picture possible.

The Power of Megapixels

Higher resolution gives you the ability to enlarge an image and see critical details at a greater distance than before. Analog systems typically provide top resolution of 960x480 pixels, significantly smaller than the image provided by 4K  Ultra HD megapixel cameras. 1080p high definition is 1920x1080 pixels, similar to a 1080p HD television. AvertX 4K (8 megapixel) cameras capture video at 3840 × 2160 pixels. That’s four times the number of pixels of 1080p!


On-board microSD Video Backup


AvertX Cameras feature a microSD card slot as an added layer of redundancy and backup. Once you add a microSD card, the camera will record directly to the internal storage on the card, making sure you always have video. If your recorder is stolen or fails, you can pull video directly from the camera’s microSD card and never miss an important event!

Reliable Operation in Extreme Cold Temperatures

Extreme Cold

AvertX cameras will operate in extreme cold temperatures down to -22°. The cold can cause other cameras to stop recording but you can expect reliable operation through the winter or in other extreme environments such as cold storage freezers and refrigerators.

The Power of the Cloud

AvertX Connect Cloud Connectivity brings your security system into the 21st century. Access live and saved video, manage or configure ProConnect recorders in the cloud with a user experience as easy as watching a movie online. Use the same email address and password to log in to the AvertX cloud, mobile apps, Apple TV viewer, and even the local NVR. Save and share video clips securely to the cloud. Easily connect to NVRs at multiple locations with the same account. Online user management allows you to instantly share access to live and recorded video with family, employees, or law enforcement.

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Black Paintable Snap-on Cover

AvertX includes an extra paintable cover with most dome cameras, allowing you to match your cameras to the environment being installed in for aesthetic or security reasons.

IP66 Rated Waterproof Camera Connectors


Additional IP66 cable connecting hardware is included with cameras to create a professional, waterproof seal and eliminate failure due to cable corrosion or accidental disconnect.

True Wide Dynamic Range

True Wide Dynamic Range compensates for uneven light conditions caused by shadows, sun glare, back light and inconsistent lighting. Cameras with Digital WDR will show some improvement for these conditions but do not achieve optimum results. AvertX cameras with Spectrum Vision True WDR use multiple exposure technology that includes hardware and digital image processing. The result is superior video quality.

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