How do I Enable AvertX Connect Email Alerts or mobile app Push Notifications?

ProConnect alert notifications can be received via email, or through Push Notifications via the AvertX Connect app on mobile devices.

Alert notifications for analytics, motion and sensors are configured through the Macros menu function in the ProConnect network video recorder (NVR) and the AvertX Connect cloud service for delivery.

Best practices to set up ProConnect alert notifications through AvertX Connect:

  1. Create an AvertX Connect cloud service account using a valid/working email address, and ensure the account(s) has the correct account permissions assigned. Add other user accounts if needed.
  2. Confirm the NVR is connected to a network with internet access.
  3. Customize the connected camera analytics and motion detection settings to optimize alert notifications for the location.
  4. Verify the ProConnect Setup > AvertX Connect menu has enabled transfers to the AvertX Connect service.
  5. Create ProConnect Setup Macro menu alerts on the recorder
  6. Install the AvertX Connect Mobile app to receive Push Notifications on a smart device/phone.
  7. Ensure Alert Notification Options are configured on the respective user account(s) on AvertX Connect, as shown below:

Enabling Alerts in AvertX Connect

  1. To enable email or push notification alerts to specific users, go to and Login.
  2. Navigate to the Alerts > Alert Rules menu at the top of the screen. Click on the Alert Rule (i.e. Analytics Alert, Health Alert, etc...) or the EDIT button on the right-side of the rule.

  3. Click on the Users / Notifications menu

  4. Notifications can be setup for an entire Group (recommended) or for an individual user account by clicking on the ADD GROUP or ADD USER buttons.
  5. Values for the "Seconds to wait..." and the "Maximum number..." are set for the specific Alert Rule and cannot be individualized.
  6. Click Save to complete. The user will now receive alerts.
  7. Refer to this article if a mobile device isn't receiving notifications after completing the steps listed above.