How Do I Add Users To My AvertX Connect Account?

Additional accounts can be added to an existing AvertX Connect account.

  1. Log in to Avertx Connect with an AvertX Connect account (email & password) that has Administrator permissions.
  2. Navigate to the Management > User Management > User Groups. Click on the "ADD NEW USER" button on the left.

  3. Enter the new user account information, noting that permissions and access to resources linked to the AvertX Connect cloud service (i.e. recorders, cameras, video import/exports) are managed through User Groups.

  4. AvertX Connect includes three (3) default User Group classifications: Administrator; Super User; and User. Determine which User Group (or level of access) the new account will be associated with (Management > User Management > User Groups.)

    Note: Default groups cannot be edited,and it will be necessary to create a new User Group to choose recorder/camera access for users in the group. To view and make changes to a User Group (other than a default one), click Edit next to the desired User Group. If a customized User Group is needed to specifiy which resources can be accessed, select the "Add New User Group" button on the left.

    For more information on managing AvertX Connect User Groups, use this article.

  5. The AvertX Connect system will send a confirmation email for the user to set a password and activate their new account.
  6. After activating their account, the user will be able to log into AvertX Connect.