Managing AvertX Connect User accounts

Proactively managing AvertX Connect user accounts is recommended. User accounts with administrative - Admin - permissions have access to the entire account.   Admin users have the ability to make changes that can drastically affect your AvertX Connect account's performance.

Only invite trusted individuals, and limit the number of accounts with administrator permissions.  This will allow you to better account for changes, like adding or deleting recorders, adding or deleting users, etc....  Accounts with Admin permissions can also log into an associated ProConnect recorder(s) and change the local admin account's password. 

If you need help adding users to your AvertX Connect account, use this account management article.  

These are the AvertX Connect User Permissions:

Only User Accounts with Admin permissions have access to the "Recorders, Manage Users and Videos" sections of AvertX Connect :

The Recorders section shows the recorders that are registered to an account.  These are managed by clicking on the gear icon near the top left of the recorder name.  

Manage Users

The Manage User section allows you to manage all of your added users. Each user's name will have a gear icon on the left side of it.  When clicking on the gear icon, user accounts with administrator permissions will have access to an account's: "User Profile, User Permissions, and Recorder Access" sections.

User Profile

  • This section will allow you to change the "First Name, Last Name and Language" of the added user

User Permissions

  • This is where you can adjust the added user's permissions as needed, your options will be "Admin, Power User, User and Disable User".

Recorder Access

  • By default for admins, they will have access to all of the recorders on your AvertX Connect account. Users that are not admins will need recorders assigned to them manually by an admin user.


  • This section will allow admin users to view, select, manage and remove video clips that they have exported to AvertX Connect


An account with administrator permissions can manage the following Recorder options in AvertX Connect:  

General Settings:

  • Allows you to change the name of your recorder
  • Quickly check the software version of your recorder

Remote Network Settings

  • In some cases, an external IP address can be configured to remotely connect to the recorder.  This option requires port forwarding, and may need additional configuration changes by the Internet service provider (ISP).   

Configuration Files

  • This area contains configuration files that can be used to restore a ProConnect NVR. These files are generally auto-collected every 7 days.