How do I enable an Alert Macro for Analytics, Motion, Sensor, or Health Events on my ProConnect Recorder?

Macros in the ProConnect NVR are "if / then" programming functions that can be used to automate certain alert and reporting features of the NVR. They can be used for AvertX Connect alert and push notifications or to activate sensors, if applicable.

Step 1: Enable Sending Events to AvertX Connect on the NVR

  1. Ensure the ProConnect NVR is registered to AvertX Connect.
  2. Log into the NVR's user interface with an account that has administrator permissions.
  3. Ensure the following default options are selected after you register the NVR with AvertX Connect:

    • Send all Event Data to AvertX Connect.
    • Send Event Images to AvertX Connect.
      • Needed to receive an image with the alert.
      • Deselecting this option reduces the amount of data sent if your network has bandwidth limitations.
    • Send Configuration Files to AvertX Connect.

    NOTE: NVR Health Alerts are enabled by default. Notifications are delivered to accounts that have the alert notification option enabled in AvertX Connect. Refer to this article for AvertX Connect Health Alert Notification Thresholds

Step 2: Add a Macro (Alert report)

  1. Log into your recorder either at the local console of the NVR or through a web browser using AvertX Connect.
  2. Go to the Setup menu, and then click the Macros tab on the side menu.
  3. Click Add a Macro.
  4. Enter a macro name in the Macro Name field.
  5. Check the Enable Macro box.

Step 3: Create a Trigger

  1. Select the drop down under the Schedule option to modify when a trigger is in effect. For more information on schedules, see the Schedule section of the manual.
  2. Select Analytics under the Event Class drop down.
  3. Select the appropriate Event Type in the Event Type dropdown that corresponds with the desired analytic event class.
  4. Select All or the IP camera in the Source drop down list. If All is selected, all cameras will trigger the macro event.

Note: You can set up multiple triggers by clicking the Add New Trigger button.

Step 4: Create an Action

  1. Select the desired schedule under the Schedule dropdown.
  2. Select the action type Send to AvertX Connect under the Type dropdown.
  3. Set the duration of the event to trigger the action in the When Event Duration Exceeds field.
  4. If an additional action is added they will happen in order and can be dragged and dropped to reorder for priority.
  5. Click Save to complete macro setup.

Note: You can set up multiple Actions by clicking the Add New Action button.