How to Find the ProConnect NVRs Firmware or Operating System/Image Version

From a computer's web browser:

  1. Periodically visit the Support Downloads page to find the current firmware version and release notes and Known Issues for ProConnect NVRs:
  2. Connect to the recorder through AvertX Connect via a computer web browser, like Chrome, Edge, Safari, etc
  3. Click on the "?" icon on the top right-hand corner of the ProConnect user interface:

  4. Use this article to upgrade the ProConnect software/firmware version.  This updates the front-end user interface.
  5. Use this article to upgrade the ProConnect Operating System / Image version.  This updates back-end operating system files, reference libraries, and utility tools as needed.  
  6. Use this article if the ProConnect NVR needs to be factory defaulted or a full system reimage.  This simultaneously resets/upgrades the entire software/firmware and operating system image files, reference libraries, and utility tools.