How to Find the ProConnect NVRs Firmware or Operating System/Image Version

From a computer's web browser:

  1. Periodically visit the Support Downloads page to find the current firmware version and release notes and Known Issues for ProConnect NVRs:
  2. Connect to the recorder through AvertX Connect via a computer web browser, like Chrome, Edge, Safari, etc
  3. Click on the "?" icon on the top right-hand corner of the ProConnect user interface:

  4. This dialogue will appear, providing the ProConnect software version and the Linux-based operating system (OS) or Image version that is referenced to run the software.

    NOTE:  If the Image Version is not running the version listed (AV.314105.06) or above, you may choose to manually update with the steps listed in the link below.
  5. Use this article to upgrade the ProConnect Operating System / Image version. This updates back-end operating system files, reference libraries, and utility tools as needed. 
  6. Use this article to upgrade the ProConnect software/firmware version.  This updates the front-end user interface.
  7. Use this article if the ProConnect NVR needs to be factory defaulted or a full system reimage.  This simultaneously resets/upgrades the entire software/firmware and operating system image files, reference libraries, and utility tools.

    Previously updated on 4/5/2024