How to perform a power drain on a ProConnect NVR

What is a ProConnect power drain?

  • A power drain is a process to drain all power from the recorder.
Why perform a power drain?
  • Recorder does not power up.
  • Power over ethernet/camera ports appear to not be working.
How to perform a power drain
  1. Turn off the recorder and disconnect the power cord at the back of the NVR.
  2. While disconnected, flip/press the unit into the On position, or press the power button in front of the unit, and keep it pressed for an entire minute. The recorder will attempt to turn on, but without a source of power the process will drain the charge of all components within the system.
  3. Once this is done, move the unit back into the Off position and plug it back in, before turning it On once more.
  4. If the recorder does not boot, there may be a hardware fault.