How to view exported video files from AvertX NVR recorders?

Viewing exported video on AvertX NVR platforms varies according to the respective recorder platform/operating system.

AVI and MP4 files are a commercial format for digital video files and are compressed to reduce storage size. DRV files are a proprietary format similar to RAW which is less compressed (ie larger files/better quality) than AVI.

On the P2A and P2B series operating system video files are exported as AVI or DRV/System. There is no conversion method between these formats after they’ve been exported.

DRV videos can be played through the respective NVR’s Backup Viewer. The Backup Viewer is separate computer program that can emulate an actual NVR. DRV files can be viewed with the NVR’s Backup Viewer downloaded directly from the NVR remote web viewer interface. The remote web viewer interface can be accessed via the local IP address though a compatible web browser.

The Performance Series NVR (firmware 1196c and above) has the ability to export/convert an AVI file from a DRV file when played back through its respective Backup Viewer.

The ProConnect NVR is the only NVR which can export video directly in MP4 format. Exporting in a raw or less compressed video format is not available on the ProConnect NVR. MP4 files are described as having a better quality in the same size as AVI and there are multiple media player options for MP4 video.

You may also use the ProConnect Archive Viewer utility tool to export and manage larger files.