How do I update the software on my ProConnect Recorder?

This FAQ only applies to AvertX ProConnect series recorders. ProConnect recorders can be identified by the word "ProConnect" on the right side of the front of the recorder. 

Updating your Recorder Software from AvertX Connect:

  1. Log into your AvertX Connect account and see if your recorder shows “UPDATE AVAILABLE” 

  2. If an update is available, click “Install Update.” If you don’t see this, you should manually check if your recorder has a pending update.

Updating your Recorder Software from the Recorder Interface Manually

  1. Log into your AvertX ProConnect Recorder Locally or through Web Client.
  2. Click the Setup (gear) icon in the upper right menu bar.
  3. Under System Settings, click Settings.
  4. Select the Software Upgrade tab
  5. Click "Check for Update".
  6. If your recorder shows “UPDATE AVAILABLE,” click “Install Update”