How to Factory Default or Re-image System Software on a ProConnect Recorder With a USB Drive (Windows)

Re-image from a USB drive will wipe all data from the network video recorder (NVR) hard drive and perform a clean installation of ProConnect software.  A user may re-image their recorder to solve persistent performance issues, to clean data off a recorder when selling or transferring ownership or as a last resort when the local password is forgotten.

Note: USB recovery will require a dedicated USB flash drive with at least 4GB space. The instructions below will only work when creating a bootable USB drive from a Windows-based computers. 

Warning: Performing these steps will delete all recorded video and user settings. If you would like to restore your settings, follow these instructions to Export and Import the Recorder Config File.

  1. Download the latest software image using this link:
  2. Plug the USB flash drive into the PC you will be using to make the recovery media. 
  3. Download the Rufus application from GitHub:
  4. Run the Rufus executable and click Yes if prompted by Windows to run.
  5. Click the Select button and browse to the downloaded ProConnect image ISO file (usually located in your Downloads folder).
  6. The Partition scheme should be set to GPT, and the Target system set to UEFI (non CSM).
  7. The file system needs to be set to FAT32 in the drop down.
  8. Compare your Rufus settings to the above image and click Start. Device label and AV.xxxxxxL.iso will vary from the above image based on version of the image.
  9. You will be prompted with a warning that all data on the USB flash drive will be destroyed, click OK to proceed in creating the recovery media.
  10. Once complete you can close Rufus and remove the USB flash drive from the PC.
  11. Insert the USB recovery flash drive into a USB 3.0 (blue) port on the NVR unit.
  12. At the start of the NVR reboot, press the F12 button on the keyboard to load the boot menu and select UEFI USB recovery flash drive and hit enter.

  13. The recovery wizard for ProConnect will load.
  14. Select Factory Reset
  15. Accept License Agreement. You will need to type your recorder's serial number, located on the side of your unit. NOTE: The serial number must be entered in all UPPERCASE characters to be accepted.
  16. After it done upgrading, click Finish and wait for it to reboot before pulling out the USB drive.
  17. When complete, consult the Quick Start Guide for your Recorder for instructions on initial system setup and registering the recorder with AvertX Connect Cloud service.