How do I Export and View video clips on AvertX Connect

    1. Login to the NVR through a web browser (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge, etc) via an account on AvertX Connect
    2. Click on the Search tab at the top left side of the screen
    3. Using the search options at the bottom of the screen (showing the date and time) select the starting time of the recorded video to be saved.
    4. Press the Export icon in the lower right hand corner of the screen.
    5. Select the type of Export: 

    6. Select date/time, duration, quality, and resolution of the video to be saved:

    7. Identify if exporting to the cloud (AvertX Connect) or to a local download.
    8. Press “Export”.  To view the upload progress, click on the cloud at the top right-hand side of the menu, located on the right side of the account name.
    9. To view uploaded videos:

      a. From the NVR's user interface, click on the arrow pointing upward ( ^ ) at the top right-hand side of the menu, located on the left side the account name.

      b. From the AvertX Connect cloud service, click on the Videos tab at the top of the page.  Note:  Video clips are sorted based on the date/time they were recorded.