NVR Firmware Download

Version 11224

Important: All recorders connected to AvertX Connect for remote viewing to this firmware for continued compatibility. If the NVR is not updated to Firmware version 11224, AvertX Connect will lose remote viewing capability. 

You will need to factory default your unit before installing Firmware Version 11224. See Instructions


  • NV80-P2B
  • NV160-P2B
  • NV80-P2A*
  • NV160-P2A*

Note: This version is not compatible with NV40-P2B NVRs. For this model, please use firmware version 11166.

Note: This version is not compatible with Performance Series. *For P2A models, the recommended firmware version is firmware version 11212.

Improvements and Fixes:

  • For best viewing of the remote web viewer search playback feature ensure the monitor’s display aspect ratio is set to 16:9. Viewing in non-16x9 screen will obscure some controls in web view


  • Backend upgrades for continued compatibility with future versions of AvertX Connect

Previous Version Improvements & Resolved Issues

  • Improved Performance on AvertX Connect functions during remote connection
  • Search interface now shows Time and Date selection correctly for remote viewer
  • “Offline” and “Connection Full“ messages when using AvertX Connect are resolved
  • Improved Iris and Auto Focus controls for the HD810 camera
  • Various improvements and bug fixes
  • Plug and Play updated to prefer highest resolution as main stream.
    • Note: 16ch P2A will continue to default to 2MP
  • Improved performance and stability
  • P2A 16ch Plug and Play default set to 2MP max at 4mbps/1mbps
  • Web viewer updated to fix IE crashing when closing the browser
  • Video export maximum size limit of 8.5GB has been removed when exporting as SYSTEM
    • Exports using AVI & DRV format are still limited to 8.5GBord
  • Various bug fixes
  • Support added for 3MP resolution cameras
  • PnP default settings updated for 3MP cameras
    • P2B NVR models will use 3MP resolution settings for 3MP cameras
    • P2A NVR models will use 2MP resolution settings for 3MP cameras
      • If you manually change camera resolution to 3MP, AvertX recommends connecting a maximum of 8 cameras on 16CH P2A NVRs (or 4 cameras on 8CH P2A NVRs)
  • Remote Control ID setup simplified. The menu items has been relabeled to “Remote Control ID” and displays the Remote Control ID number selection
  • DDNS update checks are more frequent. DDNS checks for updates every 5 minutes to minimize any down-time caused by forced ISP IP change
  • If a system fan fails, an icon will appear in the live view but there is no beep
  • 90 degree rotate now holds aspect ratio in web viewer


May 2018

Supported NVR models:

  • NV80-P2B
  • NV160-P2B  

There is no other warranty provided by AvertX, express or implied including without limitation the warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. 

How do I update the firmware on my HDIP recorder?

Firmware Installation Instructions:

  1. Power Cycle the NVR
  2. Factory Default your NVR
  3. Install the firmware
  4. Format Hard Drives (This will erase all data on drives)


NOTE: If the current firmware version on your NVR is lower than 9407, you must first install version 9407. After that update is complete, you can upgrade your firmware to the latest version.