Legacy NVRs and AvertX Connect End-of-Support

We value your decision to choose AvertX and look forward to continue providing cloud-friendly surveillance products and services.

With the October 3rd, 2023, update to the AvertX Connect cloud service, AvertX Legacy recorders will no longer be supported by AvertX Connect. Your NVR system will continue to locally record video, but as legacy cloud services are phased out, these recorders will lose the ability to connect remotely via AvertX Connect sometime between now and in 2024..

Legacy Recorders affected by this change:
Performance and Pro Series Network Video Recorders:
  • NV160-PS16
  • NV80-PS8
  • NV160-PRO
  • NV80-PRO

P2A and P2B Series Network Video Recorders:

  • NV160-P2A
  • NV160-P2B
  • NV160S-P2B
  • NV80-P2A
  • NV80-P2B
  • NV40-P2B

What does this mean?

  • First and foremost, your recorder(s) will continue to function and record video.
  • The main effect of this discontinuation of support is that you will not be able to connect your legacy recorders over the internet via AvertX Connect using a web browser or AvertX GO! Apps. 
  • You will be able to connect remotely to your recorder over your local network.

    Why is AvertX discontinuing support for legacy recorders?
    AvertX is upgrading its Cloud Platform to enhance cyber-security and add cloud-friendly features.

    When will my legacy recorder lose connection to AvertX Connect?
    AvertX legacy recorders (i.e P2A, P2B, and Performance Series) are projected to lose the ability to connect via AvertX Connect in the near future. A hard date is not yet set, but modifications to the AvertX Connect platform scheduled for 2024 will incrementally change the security architecture of the cloud platform, and consequently end AvertX Connect support for these units.

What are customer options?

There are several options available to customers with AvertX Legacy recorders:

  1. Continue using your system either with connected monitor or with a web browser via local IP. This option does not allow for remote connection to your system outside of your local network (usually away from your property).
  2. Connect to your unit over the internet using port forwarding and a static IP or third party DDNS service. This option requires some advanced networking and possibly paying for third party services. If you choose this route, AvertX Support cannot assist with configuring networks and can only offer limited guidance.
  3. Upgrade your system with a AvertX ProConnect Recorder*
    Upgrading your system with a ProConnect system is a simple 5-step process: purchase a ProConnect NVR; disconnect the cables from the old unit; reconnect the cables to your new recorder; connect to AvertX Connect; add your cameras through an easy-to-follow process. NOTE:  All AvertX cameras are compatible with ProConnect NVRs.

* AvertX.com customers are eligible for discounts through the AvertX Frequent Buyer Program, which apply to new NVRs and cameras, storage upgrades, and accessories.