Legacy DDNS Discontinuation Notice

AvertX's legacy DDNS services have been discontinued as of August 2022. Due to changes in technology used for DDNS it is no longer compatible with our legacy recorders. Subsequently, AvertX will no longer provide technical support for DDNS services on the following legacy recorders:

  • P2A/P2B Series HDIP
  • Performance Series HDIP

Frequently Asked Questions:

What effect will this have on P2A/P2B and Performance Series recorder?

Customers will no longer be able to access their P2A, P2B and Performance Series recorders remotely outside their network using DDNS. Your recorder will continue to record and function normally, but you will no longer be able to access your recorder using a web browser or mobile app outside of your local network until the connection method is changed.  

Recorders will still be accessible on a local network. 

How can I access my P2A/P2B and Performance Series recorder remotely going forward?

You can use AvertX Connect to access their recorders remotely (P2B and Performance Series only) or via an external static IP. To use an external static IP, you may need to pay to lease a static IP from your Internet Service Provider (ISP). 

For best operation, recorders should be upgraded to their latest firmware:

Please be aware that using a static IP requires port forwarding, which could introduce cyber-security vulnerabilities on your network. 

What are my other options?  

In most cases, we recommend customers upgrade to a ProConnect recorder with available discounts. ProConnect recorders feature more powerful hardware, easier operation, compatibility with all existing AvertX IP cameras and much improved cyber security. The AvertX Frequent Buyer Program and other discounts are available to customers who wish to upgrade legacy AvertX recorders at a lower cost. Contact the AvertX Pro Team for more information.