How to Access and Use an AvertX Connect Configuration File

One of the advantages of the ProConnect platform is that once it is connected to AvertX Connect cloud service the recorder will automatically send a Configuration File every 7 days to the AvertX Connect account.

This file can be imported back to the ProConnect recorder if needed to recover the unit using these instructions

What is the Configuration File

The Configuration file is a small .dat file that contains the basic configuration of the recorder, including camera configurations and license information.

When would we need a Configuration File

If you need to do a Recovery or Reimage, the Configuration File can save a good deal of time, preventing a manual re-configuration.

Steps for Downloading the Configuration File

  • Login to
  • On the recorder you wish to download the Configuration File from, select the Name of the recorder above the wireframe computer. 

  • Next select the Configuration Files link at the top, and Download the file you want to your computer: