How Do I Connect Directly to a ProConnect Recorder Over AvertX Connect?

Setting up a Direct Connection to your recorder over AvertX Connect can be helpful in certain situations where the web relay isn't a great option but you still want to utilize Single Sign-on to log in anywhere with your email address.

We do recommend using the AvertX Connect Relay if possible, however if needed you can set up Direct Connect with the following two things.

  1. Port forwarding rules set up for the HTTP and HTTPS ports on the NVR. This will be the 'Web Port' on legacy recorders.
  2. Access to your external IP address or a DDNS URL which directs to the network the NVR is on.

By default, the HTTP port on your NVR is 80 and your HTTPS port is 443. On legacy NVRs the default web port is 80.

To change the HTTP or HTTPS port, or to find out if they have been changed you can access that information by entering 'Setup'. In 'Setup', enter 'Networking'. Your HTTP and HTTPS port will be listed on this page. They can also be changed on this page if necessary.

Once you have port forwarding rules set up for the HTTP and HTTPS ports, you'll need your external IP address or DDNS URL. a DDNS URL will be provided by a DDNS account that would be independently sourced. Or you can also find your external IP address at various sites such as or Note: These external IP addresses are ISP provided and can change regularly, due to this we recommend using the relay service if possible as that doesn't depend on connecting to a specific IP address.

With your external IP address and port forwarding rules set up, the next step is to add the Direct Connect information to your AvertX Connect account.

Log in to AvertX Connect and click on the gear icon by your recorder's name.

Then select Remote Network Settings and input your external IP address/DDNS URL into the 'IP Address or Domain' field. You'll want to input your HTTPS port into the 'Port' field, or the HTTP/Web Port for legacy recorders.

Click save and then connect using your new Direct Connection.