AvertX Connect 2023

Have you heard? We are introducing the latest improvements to the AvertX Connect cloud service with a multitude of user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) enhancements. The improvements are aimed at further elevating and securing your AvertX Connect, AvertX ProConnect, and AvertX Connect Mobile App experience. You can expect a fresh look and feel from the AvertX platforms available now!

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New User Experience Upgrades and Additional Features

Why Are We Updating?

Because the AvertX platform offers more than just video surveillance. Our new user experience and feature additions present a feature-rich platform that effortlessly improves your security management offering amplified operational efficiency, increased actionable insights, and an elevated user experience even on-the-go and across multiple devices.

What’s New?

  • Spot Check Reports: View a series of camera images for a predefined period.
  • User Groups Updates: Create new custom user groups and utilize the updated user types; Administrators, Super Users and Users.
  • Permissions Improvements: Manage your account fully with the new ability to control the recorder or individual camera access through user groups, set a view Alert History permission, view other users video exports, edits, and deleted videos permission, and manage alert rule permissions.
  • Video Clips Page Updates: Utilize Multiselect for downloading, sharing and deleting several video clips at once. This also includes granting guest accounts to share clips and is compatible with the AvertX mobile apps. 
  • Video Clip Sharing in Mobile: Export and collaborate on video clips
  • UI and UX Additions: Leverage AvertX Connect's feature-rich platform, enhanced with a multitude of improvements for improved usability.

How Do I Find Our More?

To find out how to get the most out of the new updates, visit our DIY Corner.

How Do I Experience the Difference?

For more information on the recent updates to AvertX check out the latest AvertX Manual or login into your account and explore!  

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