LEGACY: How do I rotate a camera video image using the NVR software?

If your camera is installed on a wall or table top the image may appear to be upside down. Rotate the camera video image using the recorder interface to get a right-side-up image.

Note  You cannot rotate the video image 90° to get a vertical image. Rotating the image 90° will stretch and distort the video image.

To rotate the camera video image:

  1. On the recorder, open the setup menu and click on Cameras.
  2. Click Device Setup, and then Stream Settings.
  3. For Video Rotation, select the desired rotation type.
  • Normal transmits the image as the camera sees it.
  • Flip transmits the image backwards and upside down.
  • Mirror transmits a mirror image.
  • 180 Degree transmits the image upside down.