How Do I Setup An External PoE Switch on a ProConnect Recorder?

This FAQ is for ProConnect A800(+) and A1600(+) NVR models.  The built-in POE ports are numbered and set next to each other on the back of the recorder. These ProConnect NVRs are designed to automatically hand out a 192.168.50.x IP address to cameras connected directly to them.

When connecting cameras through an external POE switch on these NVRs, the EXT CAMERAS gigabit port will need to be manually configured with a different IP network address.  By default, the 192.168.51.x network is recommended.

Example of the back of 16-channel A1600(+) NVR.

For ProConnect Summit NVR models, the built-in POE switch and an external POE switch will use the same 192.168.51.x network.  The ProConnect Summit is designed to automatically assign an IP address for cameras configured to use the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP).

Switch setup

We do not recommend configuring managed POE switches, or configuring the switch to hand out network addresses using DHCP. Most managed switches will act as an unmanaged POE switch unless they are configured or setup.

  1. Connect one end of the cable to the "EXT CAMERAS/Switch" port on the back of the ProConnect
  2. Connect the other end of the cable to one of the numbered ports on the switch.  

Note:  Once the switch is connected to the EXT CAMERAS/switch port, the port will default to use a static IP of We recommend keeping it at this IP address, but it can be changed if needed   

Configure the External switch (EXT CAMERAS) network

1.  Go to Setup > System Settings > Networking > Adapters tab.
2.  Click on the Ext Switch adapter.
3.  By default, the Network Interface adapter is set to  
4.  Set the Subnet Mask to
5.  Do not configure a gateway IP on this adapter.  The assigned IP address will serve as the gateway for the connected external switch.

6.  Refer to the linked article to add one camera at a time on a ProConnect external POE switch.
7.  Refer to the linked article to add multiple cameras at a time on a ProConnect external POE switch.