How do I add an ONVIF camera physically connected to the ProConnect NVR

      The ProConnect system will attempt to automatically discover any ONVIF cameras. For best results, please ensure that the cameras are set to obtain an IP address automatically, ie DHCP enabled.  If the NVR doesn't issue the camera a 192.168.50.x IP address, please do the following:

      1. Plug the camera(s) into one of the ProConnect NVR's PoE camera ports on the back of the unit.

      2. Download the network camera finder software. If the camera is an AvertX HD30, HD40, HD300, HD310, HD80 Series, HD90 Series or HD810 camera, download the Network Camera Manager to a Windows-based computer.

      3. Plug an RJ45 cable from the computer’s network interface to an empty PoE camera port on the back of the ProConnect NVR. The computer should be configured to automatically obtain an IP address via DHCP.

      4. For an AvertX camera, find and run the “Network_Camera_Manager_v2.0.0.2200.exe” file to install the Network Camera Manager program.

      5. On startup, the Network Camera manager will begin scanning for IP devices.

      6. When the search is completed, find the camera and check the box on the left of it. If the camera isn’t found on the initial scan, check the “ONVIF Detection” box and click on the “Refresh” box to scan again.

      7. Once the camera appears, check the ‘DHCP’ box on the lower left and click on ‘Apply’

      8. After a few minutes, the camera should obtain an IP address of 192.168.50.x if attached to the ProConnect’s PoE switch. If it doesn’t, re-click on the “Refresh” box to scan again.

      9. If the camera doesn’t automatically show up with an IP address on the 192.168.50.x network and begin streaming video images on the NVR after a 5 minute period, re-start the ProConnect by going to Setup> Power Options>Restart… press Yes to confirm.

      10. Once the camera shows up in the Network Camera Manager you may access the administrative management interface of the camera by clicking on the Load link under the Web Page column. The default account / password is “admin” and the password is “1234”

      11. If the camera has obtained a ProConnect IP address on the 192.168.50.x network, and after 5-10 minutes of rebooting the NVR the camera still doesn’t show up, contact the AvertX Support team.