What is an Orphaned Camera on a ProConnect NVR?

The Orphaned Cameras feature on a ProConnect recorder represents that existing video from a camera previously configured/connected to the recorder may exist, but a camera profile is no longer present to access it.

Orphaned cameras most often show up after a System Recovery if the NVR has lost the camera profile. Orphaned cameras can also appear after a configuration file is imported.

When Orphaned cameras exist they are displayed at the top of the Camera menu ( Setup > Systems Settings > Cameras> Camera List):

How do I retain access to the video from an Orphaned Camera?

  1. Select the orphaned camera by clicking the checkbox to the left of the camera name. 
  2. Click on the 'Add Orphaned Cameras' button. 
  3. The camera profile will show up in the Cameras List page as Disabled.

  4. Go to the Search menu and select the camera to access or view the previous video of the camera.

Can I re-add an Orphaned camera as an active profile on the NVR?

If the camera is still connected to the recorder, and is using the same IP it had before it was Orphaned, you can re-add the camera to the recorder.

  1. Click on the Disabled orphan camera and make sure the correct the password and username is entered in the camera profile.
  2. Click on Enable.
  3. Click on Apply or Synchronize in the camera's General tab > Camera Information section. 
  4. If successful, the camera's video stream will be visible in the Live menu view, the previous video will be accessible via the Search menu, and the camera will start recording again based on the camera's Live Recording tab options.

To Associate a new or replacement camera with the Disabled or out-of-service camera profile that has previous video refer to this article.