Using HDMI Cable Extenders

Direct video display output from AvertX NVRs can be done via TV or monitors connected through HDMI connectors and cables.  Like most cables, HDMI can experience signal loss over long distances. 50 feet is the maximum length of a single HDMI cable under normal circumstances. There are a few methods to extend this range, allowing for the devices to be connected at longer distances by using an adapter to convert the signal from HDMI to another cable type.  

For 4K video output display on ProConnect recorders, refer to this article.

To convert the signal to work with a networking cable, Cat5e or preferably Cat6-rated cable can be used for higher bandwidth throughput.  This conversion would use an adapter called a balun. In this example, a balun has an HDMI plug on one side and an Ethernet (RJ45) plug on the other.  Some powered baluns are advertised, meant to extend the range up to 150 ft (or more). Similar products can be found that will work for HDMI to Coaxial or Fiber Optics.  

These are the distances that can be reached using different types of cables:

In general, AvertX cannot endorse nor provide extensive support for third-party solutions.