Can my ProConnect NVR display 4k Video on my 4k TV?

The ProConnect NVR can record at 4k resolutions at limited frame rates from 4k-capable cameras

You can view video in 4k resolution at the NVR console by connecting a 4k-capable TV or monitor to the HDMI port or the DisplayPort of a ProConnect NVR. 

The DisplayPort interface is only available on the ProConnect Summit NVR.  The DisplayPort is the only port on the NVR console of this model capable of providing 4k video display output resolution, up to 4096x2160 @ 60Hz.  

You may also view Live or exported 4k footage via a computer with a video card that supports 4k resolution through a web browser or a media player software app/program.

Note:  AvertX does not supply DisplayPort cables.