Should I use an Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) with my recorder?

An AvertX recorder can benefit from an Uninterrupted Power Supply. Not only will the system continue to record during a power outage, but UPS models with an auto-voltage regulator (AVR) feature can also improve performance issues due to poor or unsteady power. 

Under a full load, AvertX recorders consume up to 300W. When choosing a UPS, purchase one with a battery capacity that will supply this amount of power for the amount of time you would like.

We recommend an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) unit with sufficient battery capacity and also includes line-interactive automatic voltage regulation (AVR) feature. This function helps monitor/regulate brownouts and power spikes, which could help prevent equipment damage.

We also recommend that only the NVR, and perhaps the router, be attached to to the UPS in order to prolong the battery time in a power outage. The more devices that are attached the less time one will have to shut things down in an orderly manner, especially if power is lost for a period longer than 10 minutes.

Please note UPS spec requirements are determined by apparent power (PSU wattage) rather than actual power draw

8/16ch PSU spec: 300w = 300VA

  • When determining what is needed, the UPS should be rated for the total apparent power of all connected devices + 20%
    • Ex: 1 16ch NVR would need at least a 360VA UPS
  • Be mindful of other connected devices (is there a TV/monitor, router, computer etc. also on the UPS?) that may also draw additional power of the battery