Manually adding cameras to ProConnect NVRs using RTSP

Adding a camera configured to use the RTSP (Real Time Streaming Protocol) pulls a stream directly from the camera.  This method can be used for adding non-ONVIF cameras using the h.264 format to the ProConnect recorder.

  • RTSP offers more control of multi-lens cameras by allowing specific selection of a channel or profile.
  • ONVIF can provide greater functionality and interoperability. 
  • Configuring cameras as ONVIF is the recommended protocol on AvertX products, whenever possible.

Adding a camera as RTSP

  1. Add a camera to the ProConnect NVR before configuring it to use RTSP.
  2. After entering the camera username, password, and IP address, set the Protocol to RTSP.
    NOTE: Do not enter in a port unless it has been changed from the default RTSP port (554).

  3. After RTSP is selected, a new menu will appear below.
  4. Enter the Camera Name and corresponding RTSP URLs.  For more information on RTSP URLs, visit the manufacturer's reference site or this list of RTSP URLs.

  5. Click Save or Save and Add New if other cameras will be added.