How to upgrade the storage on a ProConnect Summit NVR

ProConnect Summit NVRs storage can be increased by purchasing hard drive upgrades.  The ideal time to upgrade the storage is at the same time the NVR is purchased, but it can also be upgraded later.  

A 16-channel ProConnect Summit NVR can be upgraded with a 16TB configuration for a total of 24TB of storage capacity.

An 8-channel NVR ProConnect Summit NVR can be upgraded with 8TB for a total of 12TB of storage capacity.

NOTE:  Other variations of the ProConnect NVR (A1600+, A800+, A1600, and A800) no longer have factory storage upgrades.  

When upgrading the storage, please  

  • Select the correct upgrade for the NVR. 
  • Place the upgrade order on at the same time the Costco kit order is placed. 
  • Enter the Costco kit purchase order (PO) or the serial number of the NVR (if already received) in the Notes/Comments of the upgrade order.  
  • Notes/Comments are presented after the Shipping and Billing is confirmed during Checkout.