How to Upgrade the Firmware on an HD438 and HD838 Cameras on a ProConnect NVR

1. Download the firmware file from the Support Downloads website.
NOTE: The file downloads in a compressed/.zip format. The file MUST be extracted/unzipped before use.
2. Log into the NVR.  It may be more effective to log in locally from a computer instead of through an AvertX Connect account.
3. Click on Setup>Cameras> and select the camera that will have the firmware upgraded.
4.  Obtain the login information for the respective camera.  The account username is typically "admin" and the password may be "1234" by default, or a different password which can be revealed by clicking on the icon on the right side of the password block.

5. Under Camera Information on the top right side of the General Tab click on the underlined IP Address link.
6. Log into the camera (you don't need to save the password, if prompted).  Click on Advanced.
7. Menu options appear on the left side of the screen. Select System>System Settings>Basic Information to view the current Firmware Version. Compare it with the version found at Support Downloads to confirm if an update is needed.
8. Click on System>Maintenance>Upgrade (Firmware)>Browse... to navigate to where the downloaded firmware folder has been stored.
9. Once the "digicap" file is selected, click on Upgrade.
10. Wait while the camera upgrade (several minutes) as the camera upgrades and then reboots.
11. Repeat steps 4-8 to confirm the firmware was upgraded.

If the firmware version displayed is still the old version, please contact the Pro Team for further assistance.