How to locally log into a ProConnect NVR through a web browser

Occasionally one needs to use local credentials to locally log into the ProConnect NVR's through a web browser.  This option can be used for troubleshooting, upgrading the unit and/or attached cameras, or to export video.  This is best done from the same network the recorder is on.  

1.  Obtain the IP address of the ProConnect NVR. 
NOTE:  One may go to Setup>Networking>Adapters>Internet... the IP address is on the far right of the Internet adapter entry (example:
2.  From a web browser, enter the IP address of the NVR in the URL space.
3.  Log in with the local user account credentials.  Typically, the user account used is "admin" and uses the associated password that was generated for this account.  If the NVR is connected to AvertX Connect, one can use the email address and password that is registered with the cloud service.