How to resolve an IP conflict

An IP conflict could occur if two or more devices are trying to use the same IP address on the same network.  This could be related to a misconfigured network environment.

IP conflicts can cause connectivity and reliability issues.  For example, when two cameras are assigned the same IP address on the same network they will not function properly and result in:

  • Camera(s) not showing any video.
  • Camera streams showing the same images, even when pointing at different scenes/views.
  • Cameras streams switch back and forth between different camera images.

IP conflicts with an NVR and other network devices can result in:

  • NVR unit not connecting to the network.
  • NVR is Offline or intermittently connects to the network or the AvertX Connect cloud service.
  • NVR performance is sluggish or has unexplained restarts.

To resolve an IP conflict, ensure each device has their own unique IP address (if they are statically assigned) or are configured to use DHCP (default option).  DHCP typically eliminates IP conflicts. 

Troubleshooting network connectivity on a ProConnect NVR or doing a camera reset can help correct an IP conflict related issue.