How Do I Partial Default A Modern AvertX Camera?

Partially restoring a camera allows a removal of most camera configuration settings without losing its network settings.

"Legacy" AvertX models include:

  • HD40IR
  • HD80IRM
  • HD90IR
  • HD810 Rev A

Newer AvertX models include:

  • HD810 Rev B
  • HD420/HD820
  • HD428/HD828
  • HD438/HD838

How to partially restore an AvertX camera

You can partially default the camera from the camera’s software. Log into the camera by navigating to the IP address of the camera in a browser.

There are two ways to default a camera: partial restore or full restore.

  • A partial restore, resets the camera settings, all except the network settings.
  • A full restore, resets the camera to factory settings, including the IP address.

Once you log into the camera, click on the setup or advanced option.

Depending on the camera, the default option is going to be under (a) System > Maintenance or the Factory default option in the menu.

To Partially default the camera, just the settings, and not the network configuration, click on the Default button (do not check the box), or the Partial Default option.

Clicking on the partial restore, resets the cameras configuration, except the network settings.