How Do I Partial Default A Modern AvertX Camera?

Partially defaulting/resetting an AvertX camera allows for restoring the camera's video streaming configuration settings without changing the account credentials and network connectivity settings.  This is done through the camera’s software user interface (UI).

There are two ways to default a camera: 

  • full restore resets the camera to factory settings, including the user account settings and network settings, like the IP address.
  • A partial restore resets the camera's video streaming configuration settings. 

Refer to this FAQ for a list of cameras and a full hardware default/reset instructions. 

To partially default/reset a camera,

  1. Log into the camera's software UI
  2. Access the Setup or Advance menu
  3. Go to the Configuration Management or Maintenance menus 


Depending on the camera, the default option is found under System > Maintenance or the Factory default option in the menu.


To partially default the camera (not the network and user configuration), click on the the Partial Default option or the Default button (do not check the box that is used to restore all settings):