How Do I Adjust My Camera’s Picture Settings In Proconnect?

Image adjustment settings can be accessed through the Camera Setup menu in your ProConnect NVR. To access the image controls:

  1. Click on the Setup tab, then the Cameras button.
  2. In the Cameras list, click on the camera that you would like to adjust.
  3. To change the Resolution or Frames Per Second of your camera, click on the Live / Recording tab, then the Edit button
  4. To change the look of the actual video image, click on the Image Settings tab, then the Edit button

Here are the adjustments available:

Brightness – depth of light and shadow in the image*

Saturation – depth of color in the image*

Sharpness – manage image texture, particularly visible in dark scenes *

Contrast – difference between bright and dark areas of the image*

White Balance – preset colors corresponding to natural or artificial lighting for the most accurate color representation

Wide Dynamic Range – enhances details both in the foreground and background **

IR Function – activate the camera IR (infrared) lights if available, for use with night-time recording

Shutter – designate shutter speed. Longer shutter speed will increase visibility at night, but also result in blurred movement in the frame**

* This option can drastically affect the quality of recorded video. The default value is recommended.

**Using this option results in improved video quality but increases recorded video file size.