AvertX Go! Android App End of Life

AvertX GO! Android App End Of Life Notice:

AvertX GO! Android Apps for select legacy AvertX products are being discontinued starting November 1st, 2022 (see full End-of-Life schedule below). Google will be requiring all Android applications to meet updated standards in order to remain available in Google Play. AvertX GO! and AvertX GO! HD apps are no longer in active development, so will be subject to availability restrictions from Google Play. 

AvertX GO! will not be available on Google Play to new users after the below discontinuation dates. This means that new users will not be able to discover or install AvertX Go! from Google Play.

Customers who have previously installed AvertX Go! from Google Play will continue to be able to discover, re-install, and use it. You will still have access to your app if you migrate or move your existing apps from an older device to a new Android device.

Affected apps:

  • AvertX GO!
  • AvertX GO! HD

Affected Mobile devices: 

  • Android 11 devices – Starting 1/31/2022
  • Android 12 devices – Starting 11/1/2023

Affected AvertX Products:

  • P2A Series Recorders
  • P2B Series Recorders
  • Performance Series Recorders

What does this mean for customers?

Customers using one of the above products should download the AvertX Go! app before the deadline onto a desired device. AvertX GO! apps will not be available for discovery to new users after the above deadlines.  

For additional information on opportunities to upgrade to new recording hardware that is compatible with newer devices, visit our Connect Page to learn more.