Introducing 3.0!

AvertX is proud to announce a update to our ProConnect software platform! Version 3.0 features many improvements in usability, security and stability.

AvertX is constantly developing our ProConnect platform. Have a suggestion for a feature you would like to see? Let us know! We value your feedback!

Login to your ProConnect recorder to install the update or view instructions here

All ProConnect Recorders are eligible for this update.

Access the latest features with AvertX’s new ProConnect release.

  • Edge-Based Recording: You can now record events from the recorder without the use of macros. 
  • System Usage Metrics: System Usage metrics now display the CPU, GPU, and Memory of your AvertX recorder in the right-hand corner of your General camera setup page.  

Updated and Improved items in 3.0.1: 

  • NEW: Added the ability to record based on edge analytic events without the use of macros.

  • NEW: Added new system usage metrics to display the current CPU, GPU, and Memory in the right hand corner of the General camera set up page under Setup (gear Icon) > General Configuration > Cameras > Camera List. 
  • UPDATED: Updated the thumbnail preview images for cameras to now be automatically set 48 hours after the camera was added if not already set by the user.
  • UPDATED: Updated security and dependencies.
  • IMPROVED: Fixed an issue that caused the search calendar in the console to display the incorrect information when using the YMD format.
  • IMPROVED: Fixed an issue that caused the virtual keyboard in console to require two mouse clicks in order to open. 
  • IMPROVED: Fixed an issue that may have caused manual upgrades to fail on the first upgrade attempt. 

Updated and Improved items in 3.0.2: 

  • UPDATED: Updated security and dependencies.

  • UPDATED: Improved the area of interest for video loading in Analytics > Setup.
  • UPDATED: Fixed an issue that caused the console search calendar to not allow users to select a date/time. 
  • UPDATED: Fixed an issue that caused the console to display stretched video in single pane view for cameras that are turned 90 degrees. 
  • UPDATED: Fixed an issue that prevented users from enabling or disabling the console Spot Monitor.
  • UPDATED: Fixed an issue that caused macros to not record if the camera was set to continuous recording. 
  • UPDATED: Fixed an issue that caused the thumbnail search to not return to the recorded tab to display the timeline after the final click. 

Updated and Improved items in 3.0.3: 

  • UPDATED: Updated security and dependencies.
  • UPDATED: Updated the user interface (UI) of the recording tab to reduce unused space.
  • UPDATED: Updated the user interface (UI) on the majority of the tabs in recorder setup to feature rounded corners for improved usability.
  • UPDATED: Fixed an issue that could cause excessive logging in the system logs when a user exported within the local console.
  • UPDATED: Fixed an issue that may have caused the motion areas of interest to load for an extended time after a user disabled and re-enabled motion detection. 
  • UPDATED: Fixed an issue that caused the playback function to be out of sync when a user viewed recorded playback on multiple cameras within the web client. 

For info on the previous version of AvertX ProConnect, see the ProConnect Version 2.6 release notes

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