HD810 Rev A Dome Camera Wall Mount

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Ultimate Placement Flexibility

Note: This mount is not compatible with the HD810 Rev B.  Only compatible with HD810 Rev A (Pre 2018) Cameras.

Wall mounts will allow you to mount a your AvertX dome cameras on a vertical surface, greatly improving flexibility in placement options.  The high-impact polycarbonate bracket will not rust or corrode and is paintable.

M3 sized wall mounts compatible with HD80 and HD300 cameras.

M4 sized wall mounts compatible with HD810 Rev A dome cameras.

Please see the return policy on accessories

Installation Instructions


Height: 4” 5/16ths
Width: 3”
Diameter of Dome mounting section: 4” 9/16ths

For outdoor placement the mount must be sealed properly.  Use outdoor rated silicone caulk to seal all openings.

Seal in these locations: 

  • Around the base of the mount where it contacts the wall
  • Around the base of the camera where it attaches to the mount with silicone caulk. 
  • Around the mounting screws.

See Installation Instructions for proper mounting procedure. Failure to properly seal a mount to the applied surface may cause water intrusion and void camera warranty.

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