What is the maximum amount of time one can Export or Archive from a ProConnect recorder?

Exports can be done from the ProConnnect NVR console, the AvertX Connect web browser client or user interface (UI), and via the AvertX Connect mobile app.

Each offers a different maximum amount of time that can be exported at a time.  If the amount of time exceeds the limit, multiple exports may be needed.

Video can be exported in an MP4 format for use with a variety of media players, and Archive exports are exported in a proprietary .VAR format that requires the ProConnect Archive Viewer to view and manage the exported footage.

The maximum amount of footage that can be exported for each method:

ProConnect NVR Console

Export: 1 hour
Archive: 24 hours

AvertX Web browser Client UI

Export: 4 hours
Archive: 4 hours

Mobile App

Export: 4 hours (to the AvertX Connect cloud service)