The picture on my camera will “shimmy” or “shake” occasionally during extreme light conditions.

Note: This has been resolved in firmware version C23.

With the HD420 and HD320 cameras there is a possibility that under certain unique lighting conditions the camera’s image will visibly shift when the WDR setting is set to the default setting of 5. This is caused when the light exposure conditions detected by the camera cause the WDR to repeatedly shift to try and find the most optimized setting for the scene. The optimal settings for the image are between two set points and the camera shifts back and forth between the two in an effort to select the right one. This is like when a car with an automatic transmission is going uphill and can’t find the right gear, so it shifts back and forth.

The image shake be resolved by simply tuning the WDR up or down one position to change the image settings slightly.

To change the setting

  1. On the ProConnect recorder, click Setup, then Cameras to enter the camera setup menu.
  2. Click on the camera that you wish to change the settings.
  3. Click on the Image Settings Tab, then the Edit button to adjust the image settings.
  4. Under WDR, move the slider up one notch or down one notch (decide which works best for your installation). DO NOT leave the slider set in the middle, as this is the setting that causes the image shift.
  5. Click Save