How to Use the Optical or Digital Zoom on AvertX cameras

AvertX cameras are equipped with a fixed or varifocal lens.  Fixed lens cameras only use Digital Zoom features to magnify an image.  Cameras with a varifocal lens can use an Optical Zoom feature to zoom by adjusting the focal length at various distances.  Cameras with a varifocal lens can use both Digital and Optical zoom.

Digital zoom can be used in the Live and Search views of the ProConnect user interface.  Optical zoom features are only available from the Live view.

Refer to the AvertX camera specifications article to determine if your camera has a fixed or varifocal lens.

Optical Zoom

  • Takes advantage of the camera’s varifocal lens.
  • The camera lens physically zooms into the center of the image.
  • The camera maintains image quality, but the view narrows at further distances.

Digital Zoom

  • Allows the user to digitally zoom/magnify any point in the image.
  • Crops or scales the image to the specific portion that it's zoomed to.
  • Can reduce image quality, and image quality varies depending on the camera's resolution settings.

Zoomed image example comparisons:

Optical Zoom: