​How to Share Video Clips Exported to AvertX Connect

Use this article to export/upload video clips from a ProConnect NVR to the AvertX Connect cloud service.

  1. Login and access the AvertX Connect cloud service's dashboard.
  2. Select the Video > Video Clips menu tab to view uploaded video.
  3. Select the clip to be shared. (Note: Currently, only 1 video can be shared at a time.)
  4. Click on the Sharing button on the right, above the image of the video:

  5. Click on the Share button

  6. Select the options desired and click Share:

  7. Sharing video clips does not allow the recipient Full access your AvertX Connect account.  The Guest User (email address) will only have access to the shared clip(s).
  8. A video clip you've enabled to be downloaded can be saved a selected device or location, like a USB or to the default download folder of the web browser that was used to access it.
  9. Further details on Video Sharing can be found in the ProConnect NVR's User Manual.