How to set up audio on a ProConnect NVR

Audio is available through cameras that have audio features and hardware capabilities.  Audio communications across a ProConnect network video recorder (NVR) is accomplished through the AvertX Connect mobile app.

Audio communications is not available directly at the NVR console. Video clips with recorded audio can be exported as .mp4 files through the NVR's Search function, and played through a computer media player. 

To configure and enable audio:

  1. Log into the ProConnect recorder
  2. Go to the Setup>Cameras menu
  3. Click on the camera profile
  4. Click the "eye icon" next to the password box to reveal the camera’s password

  5. Take note of the password or highlight and copy with CTRL+C
  6. Click the IP address of the camera on the upper right side to access the camera’s user interface

  7. Log into the camera’s internal administrative user interface (UI) with the username account and associated password
  8. For HD458 and HD848 cameras, click on Setup > Streaming Settings > Audio to access the audio settings

Glossary for the different settings:



Audio Input

No audio data will be encoded when ‘Off’ is selected. Note: It is recommended to select Off if you do not need audio. This can improve device performance.

Access Mode

Currently only Line/Mic.

Input Volume

Slider adjusts input volume.

Audio Compression

Two options: G.711U, G.711A

Which one to use is usually determined by where you live. North America usually uses the G.711U whereas Europe usually uses G.711A.

Sampling Rate

Currently only 8KHz

Noise Suppression

Used to reduce repetitive noise. Noise suppression is enabled by default.

Audio L

Enabled for the internal microphone by default.

Audio Output

This will change if the output goes through the internal speaker or an external speaker, if one is connected.

9. After adjusting settings as needed, close the camera UI and go to the ProConnect’s Audio tab in the camera’s profile under Setup>Cameras>Audio: