How To Save Video From An AvertX ProConnect Recorder to a Third-Party Cloud Storage Account

The intended use of Avertx Cloud storage:

AvertX Connect Cloud storage is intended to save and share a few minutes’ worth of video footage from the recorder. However, please note that the AvertX Connect video sharing repository is limited in size to a total of 2GB. This is enough storage to save around 200 30-second clips of a 4MP camera at default settings (about 10MB each). It will not be enough storage for periodic backups of large amounts of video as required by some industries. 

Working with Third-Party Cloud Storage Providers:

If you’re going to need to download and provide several hours’ worth of footage to be accessed remotely via the internet/cloud, one option is to use a third-party cloud storage service that could be shared with others. AvertX does not work natively with any third party, so some manual setup is necessary. 

AvertX does not endorse any provider over another, but here are a few resources for choosing a third party cloud solutions:

Once you’ve set-up your cloud service data account, here are the steps to save video to a cloud drive:

  • Connect to your ProConnect remotely through a web browser, like Safari or Chrome, using your AvertX Connect account.
  • Find the specific footage that is needed from the recorder.
  • If the cloud service you choose allows their service to be setup as a folder on your laptop as a cloud network drive, set-up the cloud storage service folder on your laptop as the default download location for your browser.
  • Download/save the footage to the browser’s default storage location.

Send the link or file/folder information to the chosen parties, following the 3rd party cloud storage site’s guidelines on how it should be set up for others to access.