How to Manage an AvertX Connect User Group

A User Group is used to manage access levels in an AvertX Connect account. Individual user accounts must be assigned to a User Group for permissions. For User Group permissions and general information, refer to this reference article.

Pro Tips for managing User Groups:

  • Each User Group is used to manage the individual User accounts assigned to it. It also allows to enable or disable 2-step verification; the recorders / cameras that will be assigned to the group; and General Info.

  • The Administrator User Group has access to all resources related to the AvertX Connect account, and cannot be deleted. User accounts and 2-step verification are the only fields that can be modified in this group.
  • The Power User and User Groups must have resources like cameras and recorders specifically assigned to them.
  • If 2-step verification is enabled, the entire group must use it to access the associated AvertX Connect resources.
  • Examples of when a customized User Group might be needed:

    Example #1

    • Issue: An account is added to a User Group with Super User-level access/permissions and an individual user assigned to the User Group cannot use 2-step verification.
    • Solution: A different/custom-made User Group with Super User-level permissions is created, the 2-step verification Disabled, and the specific user is assigned to the non-2 step verification User Group.

    Example #2

    • Issue: Several user accounts only need access to a few cameras on one of several NVRs associated with the AvertX Connect account.
    • Solution: A User Group (with Super User or User level permission) is created, the specific recorder(s) and specific camera(s) are enabled for the user accounts assigned to the Group.