How to Help Ensure Camera Connectivity to an NVR

Ensuring a stable/regulated flow of power to electronic devices like an NVR that provides power to attached cameras will help connectivity and overall performance.  

In areas or buildings that may experience power surges, brownouts or unscheduled power loss, an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) is recommended.  

  • Some form of voltage regulation on the UPS is important – without it an unexpected voltage drop could cause the NVR to restart, drop cameras or fail to record
  • Simple standby type units are not a good solution

Line Interactive in general is the recommended solution.  Be mindful of the following:

  • UPS spec requirements are determined by apparent power (PSU wattage) rather than actual power draw
  • 8/16ch NVRs typically have a 300w=300VA power supply
  • When determining what is needed, the UPS should be rated for the total apparent power of all connected devices + 20%
  • Ex: 1 16ch NVR would need at least a 360VA UPS
  • Be mindful of other connected devices (ie TV, monitor, router, computer, etc... that may be connected to the UPS and draw additional power of the battery