How to edit the Sort Order of cameras in the ProConnect NVR's Camera List

By default cameras will be listed numerically and alphabetically in all the main viewing menus:  Live, Search and Setup.

One way to manually customize the order of cameras would be to rename the cameras and organize them with a number before their title description.

-01-Front Lobby
-05-South Exit

One can also edit the order of the cameras without changing camera names:

  1. Go to Setup (gear icon) > System Settings > Cameras > Edit Sort Order
  2. Click on the Edit Sort Order button.

  3. Click Start Editing when you get the warning banner:

  4. Click, drag and drop the selected camera(s) in the order you wish see them displayed.

    NOTE: Changing the sort order affects the current order the cameras are displayed in local and remote clients for all users.
  5. Click and drag a camera to change the sort order.
  6. Click Save.