How to do a software video image rotation from within a ProConnect NVR

When performing video image rotations, it's important to know a camera's capability when adjusting the X- and Y-axis of an image. The X-axis typically refers to the right-left "pan" movement, the the Y-axis refers to the up-down "tilt" movement.

For most view changes, we recommend a physical/hardware rotation or adjustment whenever possible. Refer to the camera model's quick start guide or manual for the various rotation options.

The ProConnect NVR's camera settings menu can rotate or flip the image of most AvertX cameras. You may also adjust the rotation in the camera's web-based user interface (UI), depending on the camera model.

To Rotate from within the ProConnect NVR software:

  1. Login into the NVR
  2. Go to Setup>System Settings>Cameras>chosen camera>Image Settings tab menu
  3. Click on the Edit button on the top left
  4. Chose the desired Rotate option

Rotate options:

Examples of software image rotation orientation options:


Flip Vertical

Flip Horizontal

180 degree rotation

90 degree Clockwise (Right)

Rotate 90 Counter Clockwise (Left)

Contact the technical support team if there are additional questions.