How to configure an HD810 Rev B camera to a P2A and P2B NVR

1. Find an empty camera port on the P2A or P2B NVR. Go the NVR’s Camera menu. Under IP Camera Select, select the camera channel the camera is going to be plugged into. Ensure the Enable PnP option is set to ON

Note:  If an IP address is listed, first turn Enable PnP and Activated to OFF, then delete the pre-existing IP address.  Make sure Enable PnP is turned back ON afterwards.

2. Connect the camera to the selected port.  After the camera is displaying in the smaller Stream 2 format (this may take a few minutes), go back to the NVR’s Camera>IP Camera Select>..  Choose the camera channel the camera is plugged into and change the Enable PnP option to OFF.

3. Connect to the NVRs local IP address via an Internet Explorer (IE) web browser. The IP address can be found in the Info menu. If using a Windows 10 computer, run IE as an Administrator

4. Connect to the camera’s management interface via the web browser by typing the IP address of the NVR and the channel port the camera has been connected to. Example: = camera plugged into port 5.

Note: The port the camera is plugged into has a unique designation of 80 plus the port it’s assigned to. For instance, Port 1 = ip address:80; Port 2 = ip address:82 … Port 10 = ip address:90; Port 11 is ip address:91, etc….

5. If prompted to login, the default account is admin and the password is 1234

6. Across the top of the menu, click on Advanced

7. Select the User Setup and set the Streaming Authentication Setting type to “disable”. Click Save.

8. Ensure the TV System (near the bottom) is set to “WDR 2shutter (NTSC)”.  This may cause the interface to restart.

9. Log back into the camera's interface.  Go to Advanced, then select the Streaming Setting>Video Resolution menu. Ensure Format 1 (stream 1) is set to 2560x1440 H-264-1 and Format 2 (stream 2) is set to 640x480 H-264-2. Click Save.

10. Select the Video Setup and ensure the H264 Frame Rate Setting option for H264-1 and H264-2 frame rate is set to a value of 15. Click Save.

11. Under Video Setup, ensure the Video Compression>GOP Settings...Length is set to 15.  Click Save.

12. Under Video Setup, ensure the H.264 Compression setting are H264-1 bit rate = 4096 and the H264-2 bit rate = 1024.  Click Save.